Security Features in Bulletproof Cars

There are a lot of ways in which a bulletproof car will prove its worth. There is not just one but several unique features of these special cars, that render to their name and prestige. In a lot of ways, these cars prove to be beneficial for people who require high security. They are the epitome of protection and ensure maximum safety in this imperfect world.

As the name suggests, a bulletproof car doesn’t let bullets, or any other kind of danger to get to the rider. Most of the big brands have released their own versions of bulletproof vehicles, and these are definitely some of the most luxurious vehicles that you can get your hands on. Here are some of the ways in which bulletproof cars prove their worth by providing world class safety and security to the riders. Go through the points to know more on how it’s done.

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Body, Doors and the Interior

The very first step when it comes to bulletproofing a vehicle is to remove all of the parts from the car’s body. These components might include wiring, interior trim, seats, carpet, etc. After that, the doors, along with all the other openings, are cut open, to make space for these voids to be stuffed and filled. Depending on the degree of protection that is needed, the pillars and doors can be strengthened with a mixture of Kevlar and ballistic nylon or steel plates, or both. Sometimes, a third hinge is added to the door when it gets too heavy for the body of the car.

The fire wall as well as the rear bulkhead of a bulletproof car is sometimes steel-plated. However, the floor and the ceiling will usually feature ballistic fabrics. Moreover, the bumpers are designed to absorb energy and crumple at the effect of huge impacts, and are reinforced to allow the armored car to bash through without damaging any other parts or the radiator. It is also because of the armoring that the car appears to be unmodified both from the outside and the interior.

Glass and Windowsbulletproof car

When it comes to the bulletproofing lingo, the glass of bulletproof car windows is also known as “transparent armor.” It should not be confused with a thicker version of the safety glass that is found on the windows of ordinary cars. They are actually a combination of layers of leaded glass and polycarbonate. Even the thinnest of all — 0.8 inch—is effective in stopping subsonic rounds, for example, the shots fired from a 9mm handgun. On the other hand, the thickest glass, which is 2.0 inches, can very easily stop a single shot from the powerful .30-06 rifle. The electric window motors are sometimes replaced with bigger ones to allow for a smooth transition.


These are some of the tricks that are used by big companies to turn normal vehicles into a bulletproof car. These are high-profile vehicles that render the best value for money and secure your ride at every step. Make a smart investment with them and be a gainer even in the times to come.